Dr. Pepper Has Released A Limited Edition Dark Berry Flavor

Dr. Pepper is teasing us with a new flavor and rumor has it that it will be Dark Berry flavor. But how true is this
When the official Instagram page of Dr. Pepper posted a simple image with an enigmatic caption, it quickly raised speculations. The controversial post reveals a silhouette of the famous soft drink in can against a solid red background.

But what caught the attention of the people was the bold label that reads 5.1.19. Along with the caption “This date seems… important”, it’s only rational to assume that the label denotes May 1, 2019. People have been wondering what will happen on this date. But many are speculating that a new flavor will be released come the first of May. Of course, speculators are ready to pitch in by expressing their predictions about this new flavor.

dr pepper dark berry flavor
TheImpulsiveBuy | Instagram
dr pepper instagram post
Dr. Pepper | Instagram

Well, out of all the innumerable conjectures, one particular assumption is more likely to realize. Some people claim to have seen the new Dr. Pepper Dark Berry flavor at the FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention. Obviously, photos of the never-before-seen Dr. Pepper flavor started to circulate over social media. Considering the cryptic Instagram post, it only makes sense to believe that the new flavor is Dark Berry.

dr pepper new flavor dark berry
Elvin C. | Instagram

The limited edition Dark Berry flavor also features the upcoming Spiderman movie Far From Home. It seems like the collaboration between Dr. Pepper and Marvel will be finally revealed on May 1. Keep watch for the date and get ready to grab a can of the new Dark Berry flavor.