Times When Stupid Decisions Can Ruin Your Life In a Second

Making decisions is just a part of life but it’s up to us to choose the right judgment. Sometimes we make stupid decisions and we end up realizing our own mistakes but that’s okay. We need to experience making mistakes in order to learn valuable lessons in life. However, learning from mistakes isn’t a guaranteed breeze. Some people have learned their lesson the hard way and this ill-fated experience will certainly leave them a humiliating scar. Let this be a lesson for everyone. Be careful in making decisions and avoid making stupid decisions as much as you can. Here’s a quick look of what’s going to happen if you keep on making bad decisions over and over again. Take note from these times when stupid decisions can ruin your life in seconds.




His birthday party was a blast. And we literally mean it.


It’s certainly a bad decision to believe everything you see on social media. We all feel sorry for your windshield because it now looks like it’s beyond repair.

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A little planning could go a long way and it could have saved you from being stuck in one place.

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Give the Eiffel Tower a break, people! The poor thing had enough insults from all over the internet already.


We understand that surfing isn’t as easy as pie and it takes rigorous training to learn it. But capturing a humiliating failure isn’t a part of the training. This girl should definitely loathe whoever took this embarrassing photo.

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There are doctors called obstetricians in case you don’t know and they are more capable than online survey. FAIL.

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Taking a bath with your cat is a tantalizing idea until you realize that cats dislike water and they have sharp claws that can slash your skin.

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Funny people making bad decisions


Did someone eat fire? We would rather suggest you go see a doctor because a fire-discharge is kinda troubling.

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You may want to replace that card now before your son’s billing statement can give you a heart attack.

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Pushcarts are designed to save you from lifting heavy things but this woman seems to misunderstand why pushcarts are made in the first place.

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We should be aware of our own body. And we should know if our body can fit into something or not. But I guess this kid already learned his lesson.


Here’s another victim of the skateboard and stair-railing combo. You can just see on his face how he has accepted his fate.

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This dog probably learned his lesson when he walked into a glass door. Now he’s just being cautious not to make the same mistake again. But that’s being way too cautious if you ask me.

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Alertness is a must if you want to avoid this embarrassing situation. You can’t gain anything from being an absent-minded person. Well aside from that severed gas pump, you actually won’t gain anything from it.

girl forgot gas pump on car stupid decisions
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