40 Heartwarming Family Photo Recreations Where People Re-Enact Their Old Pics

Posing in front of the camera with the family could only result in either two things: the pic would turn out great or awkward. If you’re not new here, you’ve probably seen our previous post on the most awkward family photos. Now, we’re going for some heart-warming family photo recreations where people re-enact their old family pics by doing the same pose. By doing so, they can see how they’ve grown up and aged through the years by comparing their ‘before-and-after’ pics.


Family Photo Recreations Has Actually Become An Internet Trend.

Siblings re-enacting their childhood photos, parents and their children recreating their most iconic pics from years ago, looking at these then-and-now images and seeing how these people changed over the course of time is always fascinating to look at. Besides, there’s nothing like a trip down memory lane to discover that some things never change. Of course, people age through the years but they’re still the same people they always were.


“My Grandpa’s Three Surviving Brothers Coming Together 90 Years Later On The Same Farm, With The Same Exact Bench”

three brothers pic ninety years apart

As grown-ups, looking through our childhood pics can be fun, in a nostalgic kind of way. But it becomes even more fun if we relive those moments for the second time, just like these people. Wearing similar clothes and striking the same pose in the same place, these people really nailed their family photo recreations down to the last detail. True enough, photographs are visual reminders of the memories we shared with our loved ones. And these people prove that we can relive these cherished memories even as adults.


“It’s All I Wanted For My 60th Birthday.”

family photo recreations mom and sons


“My Sister And I Recreated Our First Picture Together.”

family photo recreations siblings in crib


“Dad And Me Feeding Murray. Same Place, Same Croc – Two Photos 15 Years Apart”



We’ve collected the most creative family photo recreations to bring you some childhood nostalgia that may even inspire you to recreate your own. After you’re done with this post, you might want to scroll through your old family photos and share your own then-and-now pics.

“My Dad And I 38 Years Apart, Thought I Should Post It Here.”

son recreates dad pic


“My Dad And I Recreated A Tender Moment 34 Years Later. 1985 vs. 2019”

family photo recreations sleeping dad and son


Tianmu Park 1967 vs 2019 – Same Couple, Same Bike

family photo recreations couple on a motorbike


“40 Years, Folks. 40 Years. It Happens To All Of Us Sooner Or Later”

couple pic forty years apart


“Me And My Grandpa In Medical School 70 Years Apart (Equally Sleep Deprived).”

man in medical school recreates grandpa pic


“Same Wedding Outfits 60 Years Later.”

couple pic sixty years later same wedding outfits


“60 Years Apart. Going Home From Service 1959 And Going Home From Chemo 2019”

couple pic sixty years apart


“My Deceased Father And I At The Same Age, 24 Years Apart.”

son and dad lookalike pic comparison


“40 Years Later…”

couple recreates pic forty years later


“My Sister Got Married Over The Weekend, So We Recreated This Gem From Our Childhood.”

family photo recreations sister wedding


My Father Holding Me vs. Me With My Newborn Son

dad with son pics


“For My Mom’s 60th Birthday, My Brothers, My Cousin And I Recreated A Photo From My First Day Of Kindergarten”

family photo recreations brothers and cousins


“Recreated My Mom’s Favorite Photo Of Us For Mother’s Day.”

family photo recreations mom and son


“My Mother And Father. Photos Taken 51 Years Apart”

couple pic 51 years apart


“My Parents In 1975 And Again In 2020. They’ve Been Married And Playing Music Together For Over 45 Years Now!”

couple playing music together for 45 years


“18 Years Later”

family photo recreations dad and daughter


“My Grandfather And I In Tokyo, 73 Years Apart”

man recreates grandfather pic in tokyo


“Me In My Snoopy Sweater In 1981, My Son In The Same Sweater In 2017, And My Daughter In The Same Sweater In 2020”

son and daughter wear dad sweater


“Me Holding On To My Girl At My High School Graduation In 2002. I’m Holding On To Her Even Tighter At Hers In 2020.”

mom holding daughter graduation day


The Picture On The Left Recently Went Viral. 33 Years It Was Recreated.

mom carries baby in a plastic bag
Attila Manek


“My Grandma And Dad 1966 And 2020.”

family photo recreations grandma and dad


“Me And My Son, 24 Years Apart.”

dad and son same pose in uniform


“Me And My Cousin. 2005 And 2020. It Was Much More Difficult To Take The Picture Now”

family photo recreations cousins


“My Dad’s First Day At School In The 70s, And Now 50 Years Later.”

dad first day at school 50 years ago


“My Friend And His Grandpa, 65 Years Apart.”

man and his grandpa 65 years apart


“My Sister And I Did A Series Of Throwbacks – This Is Definitely The Best One. Circa 1994 vs. 2015”

family photo recreations sisters from milk to booze


“Dad Holding Me Circa 1987. Me Holding My Son 2020”

family photo recreations dad and son


“My Parents By Their Tree In 1975 And Now In 2016”

couple by their tree then and now


“Me And My Twin Bro Made It To 30.”

twin brothers in cowboy suits


“I looked through my mom’s photo album to find that she took this picture at Schönbrunn Palace during a college trip (1991). I remembered that I took the same picture at the same place during a high school field trip (2017).”

son recreates mom pic college trip


“I Found This Polaroid Of My Dad Shortly After He Passed A Year Ago. I Finally Recreated It Today”

son recreates dad pic with dog


“My Sisters And I Recreated A Classic Family Photo From 1985.”

family photo recreations siblings in jeans


“To celebrate our 50th anniversary, wife & I recreated our wedding pic; She’s wearing the same dress”

family photo recreations wife wears wedding dress


“My Dad Holding Me As A Baby, Me Holding My Newborn Son”

son recreates dad piic with newborn son


“My Dad And Me At The Exact Same Spot On The Isle Of Heligoland 1977 And 2018.”

family photo recreations dad and son same spot


“Me and my grandad, 55 years apart, he a heart surgeon, me a neonatology fellow.”

grandpa and grandson 55 years apart


“15 Years Later And We Still Have That Mall Photo Shoot Swagger”

family photo recreations siblings mall photoshoot


This One Is Hilarious


“26 Year Old Recreation. Me And My Twin On Our 30th Birthday. Our Most Embarrassing Photo”

twin siblings birthday pic


“I Was Digging Around On Ancestry And Found A Photo Of My Husband’s Great-Grandfather From World War I. I Had To Do A Side-By-Side Comparison”

great great grandfather world war i


“Donkey Kong Country!”

family photo recreations siblings opening gifts


“My Wife And Her Mom At 6 Months – 1989, My Daughter And My Wife Today”

family photo recreations mom and daughter


“My Four Brothers And I In 1997 vs. 2017”

five brothers then and now


“We Recreated Our First Halloween’s Costumes 20 Years Later”

family photo recreations halloween costumes