Beauty Vlog Fails That Will Hilariously Redefine Beauty

Makeup tutorials and tips from beauty vloggers online have helped us in many ways. But these beauty vlog fails will make you realize how troublesome it is to look pretty. We surely want to look our best all the time. Thankfully, there are beauty experts who can help us achieve the look we want. All you have to do is follow their simple tutorials and you’re good to go. But hilarious things can happen when something goes wrong during the tutorial or the outcome didn’t come out as expected. Get ready to laugh at these beauty vlog fails that will hilariously redefine beauty.



Her vlog hasn’t even started yet and this disaster happens. The bug only wants to take part in her video. She could have just teamed-up with it.


Is this supposed to be a black-eye look? Who would want to look like they’ve been beaten up in the face like a punching bag?

makeup application gone wrong beauty vlog fails
YouTube | Youkeyy

Her face is her own canvass so she can paint on it anyway she likes. Right, Yzma?

Twitter | mariamhates

Yzma agrees…


The real challenge comes when it’s time to peel off a face mask. This woman seems to underestimate the power of charcoal mask when she generously applied it on her face. Just to end up screaming in pain when she peeled it off. We feel sorry for her, especially when her nose hair got pulled off along with the mask.

YouTube | Tiff and Cari

Do-it-yourself hair cuts are such a bad idea. Go to a salon and pay a professional to do your hair. Trust me, you are not better than those skilled hair-cutters.

YouTube | Marie Claire

When your attempt of makeup application fails, you can just shrug it off and say ‘Happy Halloween’.

Good Housekeeping

Finally, a lipstick that lives up to its name! This is the lipstick that can stick your lips together.

YouTube | Makeupbypita

Beauty hack fails you won’t want to try



Of course, you’ll also break off your hair if it’s exposed to extreme heat. Poor hair…

YouTube | Donna

“Can I eat these things?” asked the cat.

Twitter | kenya_fuentes

Blame the Vine for having that strange-looking eyebrow. Why not do it to the other one to make it proportionate?

YouTube | Eso’ Sobhy

Did you accidentally cut your hair too short? Don’t worry, hair extensions can still save you from humiliation.

YouTube | FailsForDays

School glues may look like face masks but they really are not, obviously.

YouTube | Theresa SayWhat

It’s never easy to look pretty. Just ask this lady and the horror she felt when she applied this face mask all over her face.

YouTube | Badassbennett84

Hair bleaching is a serious procedure and should be done by professionals. This is what you get when you try to do it yourself, hair that looks like grated cheese.

YouTube | Jasmine Long

And finally, the best of beauty vlog fails. Now everybody come sing with me. This girl is on fire! Her hair is on fire!