Robert Irwin Is Turning Heads With These Iconic Photo Recreations Where He Looks So Much Like His Dad

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, indeed. People can’t help but notice the striking resemblance between 16-year-old Robert Irwin and his late father Steve Irwin. It has been 14 years since the famous ‘Crocodile Hunter’ passed away. Australia and the rest of world surely miss watching the fearless animal-lover’s adventures on TV. Apart from being a TV personality, Steve was also a co-owner of Australia Zoo which was founded by his parents. He was also an active environmentalist and conservationist.

Steve became involved with the zoo at an early age. He grew up around different kinds of animals and even took part in animal feeding and conducting maintenance activities on a daily basis. But among the diverse types of animals in the zoo, young Steve was particularly fond of reptiles. Under his father’s supervision, he began handling crocodiles at the age of nine. And his fascination with crocodiles and snakes only grew bigger as he grew up.

His name was later immortalized through his popular wildlife documentary series ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ which debuted in 1996. Sadly, Steve died on the 4th of September 2006 while filming a documentary series featuring the deadliest creatures of the sea. Accidentally, a stingray barb pierced him in the chest when he and the crew were swimming in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Steve passed away at the age of 44, leaving behind his wife and two children Bindi and Robert.


Steve Irwin with young Robert


steve and robert irwin wombat
Australia Zoo | RobertIrwinPhotography

Even today, his wife and two kids are still carrying on with his work. His wife Terri continues to own and operate Australia Zoo while his two kids are hosting their own wildlife documentary series. Robert, in particular, seems to be following the same footsteps of his late father. He currently hosts Robert’s Real Life Adventures and the Animal Planet series Crikey! It’s the Irwins together with his mother and sister.

steve and robert irwin carrying crocodile
Australia Zoo | RobertIrwinPhotography


robert irwin recreates father photos snake
Australia Zoo | RobertIrwinPhotography

Robert is now 16 years old and he’s becoming the spitting image of his late dad. Of course, the likeness did not escape the public’s eyes. People have been pointing out how he looks identical to his late father. Much to the amusement of his fans, Robert recently posted photos that were recreations of his dad’s iconic photos. There’s Steve’s famous pic with a koala, the one where he’s carrying a crocodile and the photo with a snake wrapped around his neck.

steve and robert irwin koala bear
Australia Zoo | RobertIrwinPhotography


steve and robert irwin feeding crocodile


steve and robert irwin snake
Australia Zoo | RobertIrwinPhotography


People are losing their minds with the striking similarity between Robert and his father

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