The “GuitDoorbell” Will Let You Know When A Door Is Opened By Strumming A Guitar

Don’t you just hate the annoying sound of doorbells? Now this Guitar Doorbell strums a relaxing tone every time somebody opens or closes the door. No one could possibly hate the sounds of a guitar, right? It’s soothing, relaxing and inspiring. With this acoustic door chime, you’d wish to have more visitors to come and open your door just to hear that calming guitar sound.

But how does the doorbell work? The GuitDoorbell, as it is called, is basically a half-size six-string guitar that you can actually play on its own. But the purpose behind the concept is to optimize the function of the guitar by doubling as a door chime. All you need to do is to hang the acoustic instrument above the doorway with the use of the trophy mounting board.

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Make sure to set up the doorbell towards the direction where the door opens. For doors opening inwards, install the instrument above the door inside the house or room. Now it would be a little risky to install it outside the house (for doors opening outwards) as the odds of having it stolen are higher. In addition to the trophy mounting board, the doorbell also comes with a striker assembly. Simply attach it to the door, right below the hanging instrument, using its Velcro strips. So when the door opens or closes, the striker strums across the strings to play a sound.

The doorbell also includes installation instructions along with the mounting hardware package and a dual lock fastener for easy installation. And that’s not all. It also comes with a plectrum and a pitch pipe. Just in case you want to play the guitar, you can simply detach it from the mounting board and strum. And just like a regular guitar, you can tune this one with the help of the pitch pipe to ensure accurate intonation.

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guitdoorbell striker assembly

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Check out the video below to see the Guitar Doorbell in action


You can choose either a black or natural finish and the instrument itself only weighs 8 lbs. Take note that the guitar doesn’t come with a bag so you may want to purchase a guitar bag separately. You can also buy replacement picks in case you need to replace the striker.

Source: GuitDoorbell