Smart Steering Wheel Tray Lets You Eat in the Comfort of Your Car

Cars are more than just a mode of transportation. A car can also serve as a private place where we can make private phone calls or change clothes. We often jam and sing our hearts out to our favorite songs when we’re alone in the car. In other words, cars allow us to do just about anything. We can drive away, take a nap, be silly, or eat a meal. Usually when eating a meal in the car, stuff goes everywhere. It can be somewhat troublesome to say the least. Sure you can place your beverages into the cup holder but how about your plate? Now that problem is a thing of the past because we’ve got the perfect solution to this dilemma. This Steering wheel tray allows you to eat your meal comfortably in your car.

This amazing product can easily attach to the steering wheel and be used as a table. Simply turn the steering wheel upside down and place it on the lower half of the wheel. Then you can instantly use it as a table for your food or as a work surface for your laptop.

steering wheel table


working on car tray


attach to steering wheel


laptop table car

For safety purposes, always detach the steering wheel tray from the steering wheel when driving. It is important to point out that this accessory is intended to be used when the car is parked. Take note that it can get in the way of your driving if you didn’t detach it from the steering wheel. And that could be extremely dangerous. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to attach and detach so you can simply store it in the backseat when not in use.

steering wheel tray

Steering Wheel Tray Colors





fold away in back seat


easily attach tray to wheel


eating junk food in car

Get your Steering wheel tray today and get ready to eat and work comfortably inside your car.