Rechargeable Heated Underwear Exists So You Can Keep Nice And Warm Through Winter

Temperatures have plummeted over the past few weeks. Naturally, this chilly drop’s got us scrambling to keep ourselves warm and comfy. It’s the season of down jackets, winter coats, bulky jumpers and parkas yet again. However, it appears that someone has invented rechargeable underwear to keep ladies cozy not only during winter but comfortable throughout that particular time of the month. The concept may sound totally bizarre, but its seller claims that this innovation offers a myriad of health benefits for its wearer.

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This rechargeable underwear promises to ease ladies’ cramps and keep them cozy during the winter season

rechargeable underwear

QQA claims that their underwear won’t just keep your warm. They say it’ll also improve its wearer’s reproductive health. We’re unsure about their other claims, but we do know that heat alleviates the painful discomfort women experience during their period.

However, these beneficial claims aren’t enough to assure people about its safety. A lot of people remain to be on the fence about this smart thermal undergarment. Understandably, their main concern revolves around safety. What if the device overheats and blows up?

This concern is valid and smart, given how certain phones exploded due to overheating in the past. However, QQA and the people who have tried it assure that the functional garment is safe for daily or regular use. The battery-powered knickers can keep you you warm and cozy for up to 12 hours on “winter warming” mode.


Has the ultimate period panty arrived?

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The pants claim to protect the wearer’s health, fertility, and even help with anti-inflammatory repair. This heated pair of knickers can heat up temperatures between 37 ° C and 50 ° C. You can adjust the temperature using its five heat settings. With these five heating choices, you can definitely find the perfect setting to give you comfort during those frigid days.

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A pair of these special panties will set you back a pretty penny here, but those who’ve tried them stand by them. According to customers, the undergarment is soft and comfortable and doesn’t really feel weird to wear. Then, to wash this piece, all you’ll need to do is take out its battery and handwash it. Will you give this bizarre underwear a try? We kind of want to try it with the JAWS reusable pads