Shared Table Where People Can Work/Eat and Cats Can Explore


Designed by Ruan Hao for LYCS-Arc, an architecture firm based in Hong Kong. The cat table (CATable) is a multipurpose wooden table built for humans and cats to enjoy together. Some people consider their furry friend a big part of the family, even going to lengths to treat them better than fellow humans. Take Greg Krueger for example, he transformed is whole house into a cat haven. Other’s spoil their cats with over the top luxuries, like these fairytale beds for example. Whatever the case maybe, if you adopt a cat then they are a part of your family and so they should be treated with love and lots of cuddles.

The CATable features passageways hidden inside the table that are accessed via holes big enough for cats to go down. Cats by nature are very curious animals, so they will love journeying down these unknown pathways and poke their heads out the other side. A lot of people don’t like their cats jumping on top of the table where they work or eat. Now that’s a thing of the past. While you work or enjoy your dinner, your cat won’t be jumping on top of the table leaving a mess, instead they will be jumping into the table. So you can eat your meal close to your pal.
Hao says:

“It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats,”

‘CATable’ – Cat Table



cat walking through table


peep holes in table


cat table design


cat hiding inside table


cat looking into table hole


cat standing on table top

Source: Lycs-Arc / Facebook