Full Body-Length Hot Water Bottles are on Everyone’s Shopping List

Winter season is officially over but the harsh, extreme cold temperature this year is something we would never forget. True enough, we have experienced record-breaking freezing temperatures during the span of the winter season. While the frigid weather may ease back come spring, the experience of winter will always serve as a reminder. That is the need to prepare for the worst of polar vortex and keep ourselves warm at all cost. We understand the need to have something to keep us warm all the time. That’s why we have found this handy innovation – the full body-length hot water bottle by YUYU that can save you from the cold.

laying on bed with hot water bottle


grey hot water bottle full length


wrap around shoulders


wrap around waist

The hot water bottle measures 75cm long (approximately 2 ½ feet). Despite its impressive length, it only needs just one kettle to fill it up with hot water. You can instantly use it by embracing it or pressing it against some parts of the body to apply heat. It also features a strap that allows you to tie it around your waist or shoulders with ease.

polka dot


hot water bottle container


hot water bottle top

This full body-length hot water bottle can keep the water warm for up to 6 hours. So you can use it to keep you warm while you sleep at night. On top of that, it also saves you from keeping the heater on all night long. Also, this could really come in handy in the office where you can’t control the air con.



leopard print hot water bottle


hugging hot water bottle


hot water bottle around waist


polka dot wrap around

It comes in various different colors with a washable soft fleece cover. This amazing product doesn’t only keep you snug but it can also be used to ease body aches and pains. Don’t just take our words for it. So what are you waiting for?
Get your full body-length hot water bottle today!

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