New Stuffed Puffs Chocolate Marshmallows Are Filled With Even More Chocolate

S’mores are pretty simple. All you really need are two graham crackers, some chocolate and of course, a gooey marshmallow. And now, the ultimate s’mores marshmallow has been created! Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the new Stuffed Puffs Chocolate-on-Chocolate marshmallows. We thought that classic marshmallows filled with milk chocolate couldn’t get any yummier, but this brand’s just proved us all wrong. And we stand happily corrected!

This new marshmallow offering is every chocoholic’s dream come true. For starters, the mallow exterior has cocoa in the mix. Then, you’ll find the brand’s signature milk chocolate filling inside! Talk about a chocolate overload, right? On their website, wrote that you’re definitely getting more from this new offering:

“Stuffed with real ooey gooey milk chocolate, Stuffed Puffs filled with COCOA marshmallows allow you to make the perfect s’more where the chocolate melts from the inside out (adios chocolate bars!). It’s a twofer!”

stuffed puffs chocolate on chocolate marshmallows
Stuffed Puffs


This is the ultimate s’mores marshmallow that chocolate lovers everywhere will love

You just might never want anything else aside from the new Chocolate-on-Chocolate puffs after you try your first puff. How could you go back after tasting perfection? According to the brand, these chocolate-loaded marshmallows are “more than your average marshmallows”. These versatile fluffy treats can satisfy your sweet tooth in more ways than one. Aside from s’mores, the new Chocolate-on-Chocolate marshmallows are perfect for roasting, toasting, baking and snacking. Personally, I think they’d pair perfectly with whipped cream-topped hot chocolate!

2- and 6-pack chocolate on chocolate marshmallows
Stuffed Puffs


box of 6 chocolate on chocolate marshamallows
Stuffed Puffs

So, Walmart has already listed this chocolate-y new treat ahead of announcement. And several Instagram snack sleuths have discovered them, with @tmc_reviews and @familyfooddude being among them. According to @tmc_reviews, the new offering has a light cocoa flavor on top of being soft and fluffy, as marshmallows should.

Then, in contrast to the softness, the milk chocolate has a whipped milk chocolate filling that isn’t too runny or completely solid. As we said, the treat is now available at Walmart. But if you don’t really have a Walmart nearby, you can also opt to order the Chocolate-on-Chocolate Stuffed Puff via their website, where you can choose between getting a pair or a six-pack.


You can get the new Chocolate-on-Chocolate marshmallows by the pair…

pack of two chocolate filled chocolate marshmallows
Stuffed Puffs


…or by the half-dozen

pack of 6 chocolate stuffed puffs
Stuffed Puff


Instagram foodies are starting to find these chocolate-y treats

Source: Stuffed Puffs