You Can Now Get Starburst-Flavored Yogurt For A Delicious Sweet Treat

Brands will continue to create surprising versions of their product in this decade too. In fact, Yoplait’s already getting the party started with the release of their Starburst-flavored yogurt range! Yes that’s right – you can now officially have candy for breakfast. What a fantastic way to start this decade?! This exciting new treat follows Starburst’s interesting lineup of new products. Yoplait introduced their sweet new product in December last year on both their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Naturally, this had people in a sugar-induced high. After all, Starburst candies and Yoplait yogurt are both iconic snack favorites. The special yogurt comes in all four of Starburt’s most beloved flavors, which are cherry, strawberry, orange and lemon.


The Starburst-flavored yogurt comes in four flavors

Back in 2019, Yoplait slowly began making these sweet treats available in selected stores. Hawk-eyed Instagrammer @theimpulsebuys spotted them at Ralph’s supermarket in Southern California, while others spied it at Food 4 Less. However, its appearance in December was just a test. Fortunately, this test period appears to have yielded a lot of good feedback, since the company confirmed that major retailers will carry the item this January.

We’re not too worried that the yogurt will taste weird. Actually, we’re pretty psyched about getting those tasty fruit flavors in a creamy yogurt texture. And judging by the flood of excited comments in Yoplait’s pages, we can say that a lot of people share the sentiment. The strawberry flavor appears to be a very popular choice, as well.


Each 170g cup of Starburst goodness contains 150 calories and 15% calcium, so you can snack away without feeling the guilt! They’re currently available at Kroger and Food 4 Less online, so what are you waiting for? Start this new year with a sweet treat from Yoplait!