You’ll Be Able To Get Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts For Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, romantic relationships can’t be sweet all the time. Every so often, romance can also go sour. This Valentine’s Day, you can go sour then sweet with the Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts. Although this special day usually brings pleasant thoughts of chocolates and other sweets, it’s also nice to try different treats for a change. And this is where these sour candies enter.

Don’t expect to see the original chewy candies coated with invert sugar and sour sugar in this Valentine’s Day offering. Instead, the Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts take the form of the traditional convo heart candies. You’ll get chalky, heart-shaped sour candies in different colors with printed messages. And since these treats are targeted towards kids too, don’t expect to see super-sweet messages like ‘Kiss Me’ or ‘Be Mine’.  But rather, you’ll find novel messages such as ‘LOL’, ‘Bae’, ‘SMH’, ‘Yas’, ‘Friend Zone’, ‘Bruh’, ‘Ew No’, and more.

sour patch kids conversation hearts

Needless to say, you need to be very careful when sharing these candies to your partner. You may accidentally hand them over the ‘Friend Zone’ or ‘Ovr It’ candies which might give them the wrong idea. If you love sour candies and candy hearts then you can now enjoy them both in one pack. You can find these Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts in Walmart stores nationwide. The ‘sour then sweet’ chalky candies come in a 13oz pack.

Source: Walmart