Starbucks Has A New Cup That Reveals Colorful Confetti When Cold Liquid Is Poured Inside

Prepare to be awestruck with this Starbucks cup that magically reveals colorful confetti when filled with cold drinks. Starbucks is known for its exquisite coffee which is considered the best in the world. But aside from its ever-changing menu which includes both hot and iced versions of coffee drinks, the giant coffeehouse company is also creating a new trend for its awe-inspiring tumblers.

The brands color-changing tumblers and studded cups have been the talk of the town lately. Now, there’s a new cup that will surely reign over social media. The coffeehouse recently launched the mesmerizing confetti tumbler. It comes as a plain clear tumbler with white specks all over. But when you pour cold liquid in it, the white specks turn into different colors just like colorful confetti. Specks of red, blue, orange, green and purple instantly appear all over to let you enjoy your cold drinks even more.


The white specks on this Starbucks cup change into different colors when filled with cold drinks

That’s not all. The new cup also comes with a rainbow-striped straw to match the colorful confetti. And it also comes with either blue or clear lid. People have been spotting the new confetti tumbler at Starbucks stores and Starbucks locations inside grocery stores. So, your best chance of getting one is to visit the nearest Starbucks location. And pray that they have stock available.

Some lucky coffee lovers have already found the new confetti cup. Let’s take a look!

Make every sip of your favorite cold brew or iced coffee macchiato even more festive with this awesome confetti tumbler. This new venti cold cup certainly deserves a spot in your tumbler collection. Starbucks really never fail to make everyone excited. And we can’t help but wonder what they’ll come up with next.