There’s A New Starbucks Acorn Glass Mug For All Your Fall Drinking Needs

Starbucks China recently unveiled its 2021 autumn collection. And when we saw the glass acorn mug which is a part of the lineup, it was love at first sight. Apparently, the current pandemic makes traveling to China extremely risky as of the moment. But never worry, you can still get this gorgeous cup even without getting up from your seat.

This Starbucks glass acorn mug features a unique look inspired by the small oaknuts that typically fall around the autumn season. The cup takes the shape of the globose nut itself and its removable lid takes the form of the cupule. The lid also comes complete with a stem and a ribbed surface to replicate the look and texture of the nut’s cupule. This acorn-shaped cup also comes with a handle and a cute emboss featuring a rabbit on both sides.


Starbucks Glass Acorn Mug

starbucks glass acorn mug

The Starbucks glass acorn mug is also colored like the autumn oaknut. Plus, it’s beautiful translucent brown color closely represents the colors of autumn. So, it’s basically a ‘fall season in a cup’. It can hold 14-oz of your favorite hot drinks. Coffee, tea, latte, hot chocolate – you can enjoy these warm, soothing drinks even more with this acorn-shaped cup.

Cover your hot drink with the cupule lid to keep your drinks warm for longer. That would give you more time to enjoy your drink as you sit on your front porch and watch the colorful autumn leaves fall.


glass acorn mug starbucks china


cupule shaped cup lid


starbucks glass acorn mug rabbit logo

Now, the biggest question is – where can we buy this glass acorn mug? Since you can’t still make it to China as of this time, eBay is definitely the place to forage for this. We’ve found this eBay seller based in China that offers this limited-edition cup. And if you really want this cup, you better act now because it is currently selling fast.

starbucks china glass acorn mug


starbucks china fall cup collection rabbit logo


starbucks china fall cup collection

Source: eBay