Horror Movie-Inspired Cups That Change Color

It’s nearly Halloween and you’re probably queuing up your horror film playlist to binge-watch on Halloween night. So, why not make the fright night even more thrilling by keeping your favorite chilled drinks in these Halloween color-changing cups? Watching a classic horror flick with a bowl of popcorn and your drinks in these horror movie-inspired tumblers, that’s how we picture our ideal Halloween night.

Everyone has its own taste when it comes to their favorite horror movie. There are horror films that are bloody gruesome, full of fright-filled jump-scares, gore-free yet downright disturbing, or just spookily fun. If you’re one of those who are fond of slasher films and gory scenes then we’re pretty sure the Child’s Play franchise is right up your alley. But if you’re more into creepy, blood-free lighthearted films then The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Addams Family are something you and your entire family would enjoy.


Halloween Color-Changing Cups

halloween color-changing cups

We’ve found these Halloween color-changing cups inspired by some of the most iconic horror films of all time. Aside from the fact that these tumblers change colors when filled with cold liquid, they also feature our favorite horror characters from the movies mentioned earlier. You can choose which character to appear on your tumbler – Chucky, Tiffany, Jack Skellington, or Wednesday Addams.

halloween color-changing cups horror characters

Apart from the characters, you also get to choose the color for your tumbler. The color options available are teal, orange, purple, yellow, blue, and pink. Your tumbler starts out with the color of your choice but will change color when filled with cold liquid. Each tumbler also comes with a removable lid and a drinking straw in matching color. These Halloween color-changing cups are made of high-density plastic and are intended to be used for cold beverages only.

halloween color-changing cups colors

The character designs are made of permanent vinyl so do not scrub the surface when cleaning to prevent the design from peeling off. Hand wash gently to clean, this item is not dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Each tumbler can hold up to 24-oz of chilled beverages.

horror movie-inspired tumblers

Source: Etsy