There’s A Starbucks Scream Tumbler That’s Perfect For Those Halloween Movie Nights

Most horror movies tend to make a good first impression by starting off with a brutal scene to either excite or terrify the viewers right off the bat. And no other horror flicks have done that better than Scream (1996) where the viewers have to watch in disbelief as Drew Barrymore (who played Casey) is stabbed and strangled to death by a masked killer. If you’re a huge fan of this iconic slasher film, this Starbucks Scream tumbler is unquestionably the best vessel for your favorite chilled drinks. This reusable cup encapsulates the creepiness of Scream in the most stylish way.

This Starbucks Scream tumbler is a frosted plastic cold cup featuring the infamous Scream mask to make your chilled beverage look cooler. The villainous slasher can be seen using a heart-filled telephone, perhaps trying to call his next victim. On his other hand is a knife and we could only assume what it’s for. But to be fair, this depiction of Scream mask doesn’t look totally terrifying. The hearts around him and that chic telephone somehow scores out the creepiness of the fictional serial killer.


Starbucks Scream Tumbler

starbucks scream tumbler

Turn the Starbucks Scream tumbler 180 degrees around and you’ll find the familiar two-tailed mermaid logo. But please note that this cold cup is not an official Starbucks product, just so we’re clear. The plastic cup also features dripping blood effects around the rim and below the mermaid logo. In between Ghostface and the mermaid are the phrase ‘No you hang up, no you hang up first!’ printed on opposite sides.

starbucks scream tumbler ghostface


starbucks scream tumbler ghostface design


slasher film-inspired reusable cold cup

The designs are made with permanent vinyl. So, we highly suggest gentle hand wash using a soft sponge to avoid scrubbing off the designs. This Starbucks Scream tumbler can hold up to 24-oz of your cold drinks, which makes it a bit larger than Venti-sized cups. It comes with a removable lid and a plastic straw which is available in green, clear, or red colors.

ghostface design reusable cold cup


ghostface design reusable cold cups


starbucks scream tumbler ghostface cups

Source: Etsy