Artist Creates Colorful Stained Glass Art Inspired By Nature

Stained glass may be an ancient medium, but its elegant charm continues to amaze us even up to this day. While it’s commonly used for church windows, contemporary artists are proving that colored glass is actually more versatile than it seems. Meggy Wilm of Colorado Glass Works is one of these artists who are giving this timeless medium a modern flair with her dreamy stained glass art pieces.

From dainty suncatchers to fully installable windows, Wilm’s creations are primarily inspired by landscapes, animals, and plants. Sometimes, even random shards of glass that she stumbles upon are enough to get her creative juices flowing. She combines her love for nature and vibrant colors to create enchanting pieces that will surely add a magical touch to any space.






The talented artist revealed that she had always been curious about the intricacies of the medium. So, in 2017, she took her interest a step further and decided to take a stained glass-making class at a local recreation center in Denver, Colorado, and the rest was history.


“This single class sparked a joy in me that has grown into nothing short of an absolute passion.”


Contemporary glass artist Meggy Wilm creates dreamy stained glass art pieces that are sure to add a magical touch to any space





Although Wilm’s now based in Laguna Beach, California, her hometown in Colorado still remains a vital source of inspiration for the majority of her works. Since 2020, she has also made a bold commitment of donating 10% of all her sales to be split among five of her favorite environmental organizations. These include The Sierra Club, The Marine Conservation Institute, the Rainforest Action Network, Defenders of Wildlife, and The Environmental Defense Fund.


Her pieces are mostly inspired by animals, plants, landscapes, as well as her hometown in Colorado






Feel free to check out her website to learn how you can purchase her stunning pieces and to support her cause. You may also follow her on Instagram for exclusive peeks at her process and restock announcements.

Source: Colorado Glass Works Website | Facebook | Instagram