Hilarious Examples Of Genius Textbook Vandalism

Many of us feel extremely privileged to have access to an education. However, there’s no denying that most of us have had our bored moments during classes. Sometimes, we even have the urge to doodle on our textbooks. There will be those who overrule that urge, and then those who do not!

Here we have some brilliant examples of genius textbook vandalism. Of course, we don’t encourage defacing text books, but we can appreciate the creativity and talent behind some of these drawings.

Textbook Vandalism

This is rather creepy!

Genius Textbook Vandalism cpr eating face


Some people have such creative imaginations.

Much better! This must be the cause for the windswept hairstyle.

Genius Textbook Vandalism fan blowing hair


Things went from polite to unruly rather quickly!

We would find textbooks much more engaging with drawings like this included!

A much more accurate representation of how these maneuvers are likely to go down as you learn them!

Words cannot describe how great we think this is!

Genius Textbook Vandalism hair flying away


This lady has one tiny waist!

Genius Textbook Vandalism happy woman


Some people can see the potential in anything.

This would certainly put a smile on our face!

An updated version of the periodic table…

We are loving the creative poses!

Genius Textbook Vandalism poses


The person who drew this is clearly talented.

Things like this are frustrating but you just can’t stop! At least the ending wasn’t a disappointment!

The swimmer’s facial expressions perfectly match the situation!