This Adorable Minion Latte Art Looks Too Good To Drink


Having two Despicable Me movies under their belt, plus their very own new picture on the silver screen, Minions are everyone's favorite little guys these days. You see these cuties everywhere, from billboards to magazine pages and TV adverts to books, but in San Francisco they're popping up somewhere you'd never expect to find them… in your coffee! Melannie Aquino, a latte artist at Elite Audio Coffee Bar has an incredible talent that means that she can draw almost anything on top of a latte, but recently she's been turning her hand to putting Minions on the top of San Francisco's coffees, and people are going wild for them! They really are adorable, though, so we can see why! Check them out!
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If you could pick any design to go on top of your latte, what would it be? Let us know in the comment section below!

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