Nerds Gummy Clusters Are Coming And It’s A Sweet Tooth’s Dream

If you’ve always loved the crunchy and chewy combination of Nerds Ropes, then we’ve got exciting news for you! Ferrara Candy Company is reportedly launching Nerds Gummy Clusters. And judging by the name, they do seem to have the same concept as Nerds Ropes. Only this time, they’re bite-size! Finally, the candy lords have answered our prayers!

The company first introduced Nerds Ropes to the market sometime between the late 90’s and the early 2000’s. These treats consist of a chewy, fruity string covered in Nerds. Sounds like the ultimate candy combo, right? However, we bet we’re not the only ones who had a hard time chomping on these gummy goodies. Also, who could ever forget the struggle of keeping the crunchy candy pieces from falling off with every bite? So, we could all probably agree that a bite-size version of this treat is literally a dream come true!


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??A S T E R O I D S ?? While the candy expos may not happen, let me at least provide you with a tease of something soon to hit shelves near you. Nerds Gummy Clusters are a new addition to a the easy to grab lineup of snacks found at your local convenience store. And woah did this one seem way overdue. Do you remember hitting a blockbuster on a Friday night, eager to get the newest movie on VHS or DVD, and then find yourself piling snacks into your arms on the line to checkout? For me it was always something like a soda, a salty, and a sweet. Nerds Ropes were my sweet. It's actually surprising how long it took this idea to come to life. This is, without a doubt, the easiest evolution of Nerds Rope — and the most necessary. Imagine trying to rip that long package open on a long drive, and force the flaccid rope into your mouth, knowing that biting it also means that a few straggling nerds will undoubtedly fall off and find their way into the smallest crevice within your car. Not anymore!! These grab and go snacks make eating your fav nerds candy that much easier, and it's a game changer. Small, tasty and easier to share than pulling a Lady & the Tramp style snack experience. These hotbois get a ?9/10? from me. We all love nerds Rope. And this makes it so so much easier to enjoy. Coming soon!

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Although quite frankly, it’s still kind of weird that it took them this long to address this candy conundrum. But now that the rumors are out, we can only hope that they would be available in stores real soon. Pretty much like Nerds Ropes, these clusters are also coated with bits of the neon-colored candies. Only this time, they come in bite-size bundles that feature a fruity, gummy center. So, you can now easily pop one into your mouth, and enjoy both crunchy and chewy textures all at once.


The upcoming Nerds Gummy Clusters are basically the bite-size version of Nerds Ropes that candy lovers have been praying for so long!

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This Deliciously Sweet And Stretchy Gummy Rope Is Covered In Lots And Lots of Crunchy Tangy Rainbow Nerds! This Rope Makes A Great Gift Or Treat Fir Nerd Lovers. Bite It, Chew It, Pull It, Twist It !However You Choose To Tackle This Rope, It’s Great Fun To Eat !!! Imported From The USA ?? ————————————————————— ————————————————————— #americancandy #chocolate #americanchocolate #peaches #strawberry #twizzlers #americandrinks #sweetsofinstagram #america #american #sweettooth #birmingham #westmidlands #candyshop #sweets #sweetshop #food #drink #summer #nowandlaters #fizzydrinks #babyruth #butterfingers #caramello #mandmcookies #cookiedough #nerds #apple #nerdsrope #sourpatchkids

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Instagram user @junkfoodleaks_ was the first to give the online world a sneak peek of the upcoming variant. It’s worth pointing out that this is the same account that broke the news regarding the Kit Kat Birthday Cake bars and the Fudge Brownie M&M’s. Apparently, both treats successfully ended up on shelves. So, we have high hopes that the same would happen to these crunchy-chewy candies.

These candies will reportedly come in bright pink packs, with a net weight of five ounces each. According to the packaging, the candies have a “tangy and crunchy outside” and a “sweet and gummy” inside. The reviewer had nothing but positive things to say about the new treat and rated it a nine out of ten. Fans of the candy brand have also expressed their excitement over the upcoming variant in the comments section. One fan wrote:

“I love Nerds Ropes but never get them because they’re so awkward to eat. This is perfect!”

Well, we couldn’t agree more. Hopefully, they make their way into the stores soon, because we seriously can’t wait to stock up on these crunchy, gummy goodies!