Create Different Landscapes On Your Finger With These Stackable Rings From Etsy

Remember the skylines architecture rings that allow you to wear an entire city atop your finger? Now you can wear the beautiful countryside around your finger with these stackable landscape rings. Well, towering skyscrapers are breathtaking and all. But nothing beats the panoramic view of the charming countryside. Etsy shop CliveRoddy sells stackable landscape rings in three different designs – house, tree, and mountain. Each ring comes in a set of 3 thinner rings containing landscape elements in different sizes and positions.

stackable landscape rings all designs

These stackable landscape rings are entirely made from birch plywood and intricately carved by a laser cutter. Enamel paint is used to give colors to the scenery. Each landscape element (house, tree, and mountain) differs slightly in size and position to give an illusion of depth. Furthermore, the rings are fully interchangeable which allow you to arrange them on your finger as you like. You can stack them all up on one finger or wear them individually on separate fingers.

House Rings

stackable landscape rings house design


stackable landscape rings house


stackable landscape rings house set of 3

Tree Rings

stackable landscape rings tree


stackable landscape rings tree design


stackable landscape rings tree set of 3

Mountain Rings

stackable landscape rings mountain


stackable landscape rings mountain design


stackable landscape rings mountain set of 3


stackable landscape rings packaging

If you buy two or more sets, you can achieve multiple looks by combining different scenery together in a single stack. If you’re not the biggest fan of stackable rings, the shop also offers a regular ring in the shape of the iconic ‘Kanagawa Wave’ by the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Unlike the stackable rings, the Wave Ring is made from high quality acrylic featuring three layers of contrasting color tones. Each layer is permanently bonded together with accurate cut and smooth finish.

Wave Ring

clive roddy wave ring


clive roddy wave ring three layers


clive roddy wave ring kanagawa painting


wave ring packaging

stackable landscape rings interchangeable

Check out CliveRoddy shop and choose your preferred scenery. Get these stackable landscape rings now and bring the beauty of nature around your fingers. Each set of rings also comes in a unique packaging making it an ideal gift for your loved ones. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Fabulous set of rings, beautifully made and fit perfectly. Thank you.”