These Level Earrings Will Ensure You Remain ‘Level-Headed’ Through The Day

These cute level earrings are mini working bubble levels for a stylish and functional piece of jewelry. There are countless tools that are used for specific purposes. But nothing is more fascinating to watch and use than a bubble level. Also called a spirit level, this carpenter’s tool is used to indicate whether a surface is horizontally straight. This simple instrument is a sealed glass tube containing ethanol, a type of alcohol used as a solvent and as an intoxicating ingredient for many alcoholic beverages. And that explains why it is named ‘spirit level’.

In a bubble level, the glass tube is filled incompletely with ethanol which is typically dyed green to increase visibility. The incomplete amount of liquid creates a bubble which is then used as a marker for measuring level lines. When the bubble settles in between the two lines then it indicates that the surface is perfectly horizontal. Not just for carpentry purposes, positioning the bubble right in the center of the tube is a fun time killer. Remember when you used to sneak them out from your dad’s tool shed and get on a competition with your friends to see who can sustain the bubble in the center the longest?


Level Earrings

working level earrings

Well, now you can get a pair of earrings that lets you wear these fascinating tools. It doesn’t only make a fashionable piece of jewelry but it is also a mini version of a real working bubble level. So, you can actually use each piece to help you line up a picture frame on the wall or to make sure that something is straight. Of course, you can also play with it when there’s nothing else to do.

functional tool inspired jewelry


spirit level-shaped jewelry

These earrings are handmade from plastic with the familiar neon green liquid inside the tube. Each plastic tube is attached to .925 sterling silver findings by a sterling silver wire. Each measures 0.5 inch long with a diameter of 0.2 inch. These whimsical earrings are also available in other liquid colors including blue, pale pink, indigo, fuchsia and red orange.

level earrings colors


level earrings green liquid

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Source: Etsy