21 Photos To Show You What It’s Like Living In A Minimalist Japanese Home

One of the main complaints that people have about their homes is that they feel too cluttered and they generally just have too much stuff. But, even if you acknowledge that you’re over-burdened with possessions you don’t really need, it can be hard to let go. In some parts of Japan, space is at a high premium, so people tend to live in small apartments, with zero room for clutter or any items that aren’t completely necessary. This way of living might seem strange at first, but it’s oddly refreshing. Most of us could learn a thing or two from this minimalist way of living, even if we didn’t want to go quite as far as this. So, here are 21 photos to show you what it’s like in a minimalist Japanese home. Take a look!

We couldn’t live with out our beds! 

Just looking at this fridge makes us hungry!

At least it would be super easy to keep clean!

However, we would definitely need more products.

This may be true…

Making the most of your existing space is never a bad thing! 

So, you’ll never struggle to find anything!

But, what if you have guests?

A simple way of providing yourself with more space!

No chilling out on the couch? Damn. 

We hope they at least have a cushion to sit on? The floor would get uncomfortably hard after a while…

We would be surprised if anything ever got misplaced in a minimalist household! 

Hanging hooks are always a firm favorite. 


Having no mess in your life does sound appealing, however, it also seems very restricting. 

Do you think you would be more stressed or less stressed living a lifestyle like this?

We wouldn’t expect anything less…

There are ways to clean without a mop!

We agree. 

Another positive! 

It’s an acquired taste for a lifestyle, that’s for sure. 

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