Cotton Candy Balls Are Little Bite-Size Pieces Of Carnival Heaven

No trip to the carnival is ever complete without indulging in a stick of cotton candy. We all love biting into a sickly sweet, pastel-hued, fluffy cloud of spun sugar ever now and then. But if you ever wished that you could snack on cotton candy all year round? If so, Herr’s got you. A few years ago, Herr’s shocked snackers when they stocked supermarket shelves with cotton candy balls. It appears that the bizarre blue puffs aren’t going anywhere any time soon.


cotton candy balls jar
Big Lots


These cotton candy balls come in a vibrant blue hue and tastes just like the real thing!

cotton candy balls inside the jar
The Holidaze


When this product popped out from out of the blue in supermarket shelves in 2014, people thought it was just a giant tub of blue cheese balls. The tub of blue snack pellets, were in fact, not cheese-flavored, but coated with cotton candy-flavored powder. Per the description of Herr’s at the Big Lots product page:

“You’ll love the fun blue color and sweet taste of this crunchy cotton candy snack! A fun surprise to have during parties and birthdays. This treat is sure to be a crowd pleaser with its vibrant blue color and unmistakable cotton candy taste!”


This will definitely start the conversation, alright. Corn puff snacks rarely come in blue after all. Its especially perfect if you’re hosting a Smurfs-themed party! Serving a bowl of orange cheese balls is one thing, but dishing out a bowl full of blue balls (we beg your pardon) will certainly amaze your guests, no matter how old they are.

You need to eat these in a special way


According to food blog Sometimes Foodie, Herr’s cotton candy balls only have the flavoring on the outside. The rest of the ball, the blog wrote, is plain corn-flavored puff. However, despite the blogger’s initial declaration of dislike towards the snack, they were surprised to find themselves popping blue ball after blue ball. After getting through their initial skepticism, the blogger discovered how to properly allow the cotton candy’s sweetness to prevail.

“By eating these slowly, the flavoring had a change to really shine and in the end, these were pretty enjoyable. They’re a lot like fruity flavored corn puffs from Japan and Korea I’ve reviewed in the past.”

cotton candy balls nutrition facts
Big Lots


Each 15oz barrel contains about 15 servings which is total to approximately 35 balls each. So if our math is correct, you’ll be getting around 650 balls. Herr’s Cotton Candy Balls retail for $5 at Big Lots stores. We’d be more than happy to much on these together with a cotton candy dipped cone, honestly.