People Are Loving The Fact That Mountain Dew Baja Blast Has Finally Returned To Stores

It’s always exciting when a brand releases a fun new version of their product. But it’s ten times better when they decide to re-release a product that many love and miss. This year, PepsiCo has announced that the Mountain Dew Baja Blast will be blasting back on retail shelves. To be fair, the Baja Blast Dew is always available at Taco Bell. But it’s always great to have a supply of one’s own at home.

The tropical lime-flavored drink is exclusive to Taco Bell. The fast food chain had it specially made to complement their food’s flavor. It burst onto the soda scene way back in 2004. And now, 16 years later, Taco Bell’s custom-made drink has proven itself to be a time-tested companion for tacos. Then, in 2014, PepsiCo began distributing the Baja Blast as limited release. It’s been showing up on retail shelves since. However, it wasn’t offered in 2017  when it lost to Pitch Black by a slim margin at DEWcision 2016. But the drink’s fans weren’t having it and they clamored for it to be brought back the next year.


The Mountain Dew Baja Blast is out now, so hurry before it vanishes again

Because of its zesty flavor, Taco Bell included it in their pre-existing Frutista Freeze product line. It became a permanent offering in 2013. Then, in 2019, Taco Bell added candy sprinkles to the mix and named it the Baja Blast Birthday Freeze. It seems that the tropical lime-flavored soda is going strong, with its regular re-appearance in the market and permanent position on Taco Bell’s menu.


It was confirmed at the Dew Drinker Discord server in August 2019 that the Baja Blast would be returning alongside with a Zero Sugar counterpart. According to the post, the Baja Blast will return just in time for Spring 2020. And now, you won’t need to wait because the refreshing teal-colored beverage is now available in various retailers like Walmart, Target, Wawa, Meijer and Amazon. You’d better stock up on your Dew while stocks last, because this remains to be a limited time offering!


You can also grab the Baja Blast in bottle form

Aside from the conventional 12fl/oz cans, Mountain Dew is also offering it in 16.9fl/oz and 20fl/oz bottles. This way, you can bring a blast of refreshing tropical lime goodness where ever you go. According to Caffeine Informer, this particular Dew packs a moderate 72mg of caffeine per 16.9fl/oz, so you can definitely get your fizz on without worrying about palpitations afterwards. If you’re wondering what makes this teal-hued drink so special, it’s simple. It’s essentially the good old Mountain Dew your buds will recognize, but with strong kick of lime. It’s perfect for virtually anything – from tacos to a barbecue, and it will even go with your favorite bag of chips. You won’t want to let your chance to save a stash for yourself pass by, will you?


People are having a blast with the re-released Mountain Dew


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Get yours on Amazon | Target


Get yours on Amazon | Target