10 Everyday Ways For Couples To Get Closer By Spending Time Together


Love isn't all about hearts, flowers and hot dates. Although a trip overseas, or a night out at a high class restaurant, can be a lot of fun, real love shows itself in the little things! That is why 'All Little Things', on Facebook, have created this awesome little series of wonderful relationship illustrations. Just being together is awesome, no matter what you're doing! Check these out and let us know what little things you and your loved one like to do together to feel close!
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It's the little things that you do for each other that really matter!


A relaxing massage.


Taking a trip together is awesome fun!



Taking crazy selfies together can bring out your silly sides!


Just hanging out together looking cool.


Relaxing and reading together.


A couple who has fun together, is a close partnership!


Even meditation brings you closer together.


Dancing together releases endorphins, which make you feel amazing!


Cooking is a great activity to do together!

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