You Can Now Get Spam Fries Because Who Doesn’t Want More Canned Meat

2020 has definitely been a strange year. We went through a lot. And you probably ate to deal with all the stress you’ve been under because of all the crazy events that happened. Stress eating was definitely not hard to do last year, because our favorite brands didn’t let anything – natural calamities, protests or even the pandemic – get in their way of serving us with drool-worthy offerings. The Spam Fries, for one, officially hit the refrigerated aisle last year… and it sure got quite an interesting reception!

Before this new offering hit the frozen section, we had already been cutting the canned meat classic into thick strips and eating them like regular French fries. How could we not, when the brand itself has been offering the recipe for it on their website for years? But it seems that simply offering the recipe no longer satisfied the brand. So now we have a ready-to-cook version!





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The main difference between the DIY fries and the ready-to-cook variety is that the ready-to-cook pieces are breaded. Plus it saves you from going through the trouble of slicing up your big Spam block into bite-sized pieces. All you’ve got to do is to simply fry them up, wait for the breading to turn a nice golden brown, then enjoy! In the description, Spam wrote:

“Any day can be Fryday when you cook up Spam Fries! Ready to eat in minutes, these lightly breaded strips made from the same ingredients as the iconic Spam classic are perfect to add some Spiced Ham flavor to your favorite recipes or as a snack on their own.”




The fries are already available on various purveyors like HEB and Safeway. Its appearance definitely startled shoppers. The offering follows after the brand’s Spam Patties line. So… is Spam trying to make us have a burger meal made entirely out of their tasty canned meat? If that’s the case, then we’re definitely willing participants! Have you already tried this Spam offering? What’s your verdict?