Once Melted, This Frozen II-Inspired Hot Chocolate Bomb Reveals A Little Olaf Marshmallow

“Some people are worth melting for.” Olaf melted a million young hearts when he said this iconic line to Anna back in 2013. Then, everyone’s favorite snowman stole the show again when Frozen II premiered in 2019. It’s impossible not to love this endearing snowman. So if you (or your little one/s) can’t get enough of him, you’ll love Galerie Candy’s Frozen II-inspired hot chocolate bomb!

There’s no denying that Galerie Candy has been working hard to make our holiday hot chocolate sipping extra fun this year. They got the ball rolling with the introduction of their Baby Yoda Bomb, then dived further in with a SpongeBob SquarePants-inspired one. But this new addition to their chocolate bomb collection is probably the most season-appropriate of them all because children have come to associate winter with Frozen!

frozen 2 olaf hot chocolate bomb packaging
Galerie Candy


Galerie Candy has a Frozen II-inspired hot chocolate bomb

The Frozen II-inspired chocolate bomb comes wrapped in shiny foil that almost resembles a snowball. Except this ‘snowball’ comes emblazoned with the beloved snowman’s smiling face. Then, once you unwrap it, you’ll find an orb-shaped, milk chocolate treat. According to Galerie Candy, the chocolate they use for their bombs is sourced from Belgium. That means you can expect rich, top quality milk chocolate dissolving and combining with your hot water or hot milk.

wrapped hot chocolate bomb
Galerie Candy


hot chocolate bomb cut in half to reveal olaf-shaped marshmallow
Galerie Candy

Once the milk chocolate ball melts away, a marshmallow shaped like Olaf’s head will appear. This adorable surprise will surely delight Olaf fans of any age! It may not look like the Olaf hot chocolate they’re currently serving up at Disney Springs in Florida. But it’s the next best thing! It’s an absolute must-have if you’re planning to watch the two Frozen movies this season! It’s currently listed on Galerie Candy’s Amazon store, so order it today. Don’t let this seasonal treat melt away!