It’s Been Rumored That Reese’s Could Be Coming Out With Big Cups Filled With Potato Chips

Sweet-and-salty treats are becoming so popular that even chocolate companies are expanding beyond just sweet snacks. With the new Reese’s Big Cup With Potato Chips, Hershey’s pretty much have the snack game in the bag. With the combination of sweet chocolate, peanut butter and salty potato chips, you’ll get a candy that is undeniably delicious.

Instagram account @junkfoodleaks_ was the first to share a photo of the said product. The new Reese’s Big Cup will feature the classic chocolate-peanut butter cups. But the big twist is the addition of potato chips pieces mixed with the peanut butter filling. In every bite, you’ll get that smooth yet crunchy texture and that sweet yet salty taste.


Reese’s Big Cup With Potato Chips

According to the post, the new candy will be available soon, although no definite date was given. The Instagram account, however, did specify that all posts are speculative. But let us also remind you that all of its product leaks came true including the M&M’s Fudge Brownie, Kit Kat Birthday Cake and the Reese’s Cake Snacks. So, we’re pretty sure that the rumor about the Reese’s Big Cup is legit as well.

As to when it will be coming out, we’ll just need to be patient and wait for it. We know, the interesting combo of chocolate, peanut butter and potato chips is really worth trying. But patience, everyone.