SONIC Has A New Toasted S’mores Shake That’s Topped With Fluffy Marshmallow

Since we still can’t go on camping trips, SONIC Drive-In’s making sure we don’t miss out on the fun by giving us a Toasted S’mores Shake! This delightful treat joins SONIC Drive-In’s flavorful summer lineup that includes the equally new Brownie Batter Shake. It’s safe to say that America’s Drive-In has been busy shaking up our taste buds this summer with sweet sips and shakes! And this s’more-flavored shake is definitely one you should try before summer officially ends!

S’mores are a classic campfire treat. The sticky mess of melted marshmallows and chocolate on our fingers is part of the experience after all! So the S’mores Shake is without a doubt a total game changer this summer! In their press release, Scott Uehlein, vice president of product innovation and development for SONIC, said,

toasted marshmallow shake


“With a crunch you can’t get enough of balanced with the sweetness of chocolate and marshmallow, there’s a reason why s’mores are so iconic, and we were able to take the classic summer dessert to another level by blending in cool, rich ice cream. The Toasted S’mores Shake delivers the familiar and favorite experience of gathering over a campfire into a delightful frozen treat you can take with you anywhere.”


SONIC’s S’more Shake lets you enjoy the classic campfire treat without the campfire

According to the description, the S’mores Shake starts with a 100% real vanilla ice cream base. Decadent chocolate chunks and crunchy graham cracker crumbs are then hand-mixed into the vanilla ice cream base. This special shake’s crowning glory is a fluffy marshmallow topped with even more graham cracker crumbs. You’ll definitely get a lot of tasty textures from this limited-edition treat!

SONIC’s slated the new shake to come out by August 3rd. However, several Instagram posts show that some locations began serving the shake as early as July 24th! It’s unclear how these early birds got the exclusive shake flavor early. But that doesn’t really matter now, because the S’mores Shake is finally out! You’ll have act fast though, because SONIC will only be serving this until August 30th. And if your order using the SONIC app, you can get the marshmallow-topped shake for half price when you order it for the first time!