This Dad Built A Treehouse For His Daughter To Play In And Shows How He Did It


Every kid dreams of having an epic treehouse that they can play in for years to come and use as a club house when they have their friends over. One five-year-old girl has had that dream come true. This father decided to build his daughter an awesome treehouse that she'll be able to enjoy all throughout her childhood! Let's take a look at how it went!


First thing's first; you can't have a treehouse without a tree!


Getting started, the initial step was to drill into the tree.


Then some support beams were added in.


It was important to check they were safe and secure.


The frame for the floor was built in the garage.


Then carefully hoisted up into the tree.


Once the floorboards were down, it was time to build the walls.


It mustn't be easy working up in a tree!



Wow, almost finished. Just a roof to go.


And there it is! Isn't it beautiful? We love the touch of the flowers out front.


Check out the awesome netted rope ladder. Much more safe!


This little girl really is lucky to have such a stunning treehouse and a dad that's so generous with his time.


This must have taken a lot of time and effort to complete, but the results are so worthwhile!