14 Photos That Only Lazy People Will Truly Understand

Of course, hard work is great and all that, but can’t lazy people get a bit more recognition, too? There’s something to be said for being economical with your work ethic. After all, what would you really rather be doing, folding your laundry or lounging around watching ‘Netflix’?! We know that we’d choose the latter any day! So, if you’re lazy, we’ve got fourteen photos here that we know you’ll identify with! Check them out!

You’re super committed to not getting back up, once you’ve sat down.

You’re willing to make some fashion faux pas when you need to go to the store, and you simply can’t be bothered to get dressed!

And, when you’re only taking the trash out, any shoes are fair game, even if they’re not yours.

Paper plates are a lifesaver, for when you can’t be bothered to do the dishes!

You’re willing to strain muscles, if it means that you only have to make one trip in from the car!

Your sofa naps look a bit like this when you can’t even find the energy to reach for a blanket…

You’ve been known to do almost anything to avoid doing the dishes!

Sometimes, it’s easier to sleep among your clean laundry than it is to put it away.

Your inbox looks something like this, and most of it’s spam and mailing lists…

It’s a rare day when you actually put the toilet roll on the holder, where it is supposed to go!

It’s not unusual for you to start something but never finish it.

You have a chair that looks like this, piled high with clean laundry and other random things that you can’t be bothered to put away…

When there are no clean bowls, you’re willing to get creative!

And, the same goes for when there are no clean spoons!

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