Awkward Moments So Painful You Can Actually Feel It

We’ve been there, we’ve all had our own share of awkward moments that we never would wish to remember anymore. Sadly, the most uncomfortable moments are the ones which remain the longest in our memory. And it would be impossible to erase them as long as we live. Since we can’t escape the haunting memory of awkwardness, we might just as well share it to the world. Just like these people who don’t mind sharing their own awkward moments for the sake of fun and laughter.



Giving gifts to teachers is always a nice gesture but make sure to check that you’re giving the appropriate present to avoid this embarrassment.

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I don’t know which is more humiliating. To come to school just to see a pen wearing the same outfit as yours or to realize that a pen wore it better than you?

Instagram | will_ent

Thanks, Mom! For humiliating me. While most Moms are cheering on their sons, you’re on Snapchat broadcasting my heartache. Well done, Mom!

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How about this guy trying to hit on a mannequin? Not cool, dude.

touching mannequin butt awkward moments
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You’re a true friend if you’re willing to look this ridiculous for the sake of your friends.

Twitter | aishlyx

It’s good to spoil your Mom every now and then. Trust me, they’d love to be pampered from time to time.

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Even if you’re a die-hard fan, there’s a timing for a photo with your favorite celebrity. Like when you bump into them in a public restroom or when you catch them chewing on a burger, stuff like that. But I don’t think Keanu Reeves won’t mind taking a picture with a fan no matter where he’s into.

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In fact, Keanu Reeves will take a photo with fans himself. If only there’s an award for the Coolest Celebrity in the whole world, we’ll gladly give it to him.

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Hilarious photos caught at the awkward times



This is what trapped by your own actions actually feels.

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He may try to hide his true feelings but we can clearly see the truth. Be real, bro! Tell her how you really feel!

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And… just like that. The sweetest girlfriend suddenly becomes the sweetest daughter.


Let’s just try to understand him. He’s probably sick and tired of all his fried chicken and decided to try other foods for a change.

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I have to watch Shrek 2 all over again in order to figure out what this person is saying. I’ve watched it like a hundred times but all I can remember was Puss in Boots’ tantalizing eyes, nothing more.

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Your deepest secrets are going to be revealed when your Mom asks about the answers to your security questions.

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