Discover The Anatomy Of An Average Grammar Nerd


We all know there are grammar nerds out there. You might even be one! No, we don't mean those annoying people who take it upon themselves to correct everyone else's grammar (and are often wrong about it), we simply mean those people who are interested and excited by grammar and linguistics. If you have an undying love for the Oxford comma and don't consider "irregardless" to be a valid word, then you might just be a grammar nerd. Let's face it, anyone who has strong feelings about commas of any sort is some kind of nerd, and we're guilty as charged! So, if you'd like to know what the average grammar nerd is like, and whether you fit the profile, then check out this infographic put together by 'Grammarly' showing the anatomy of a grammar nerd. Enjoy!
Website: Grammarly



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