People Are Turning Their Backyards Into A Vacation Spot With ‘Sand Pools’

Regular swimming pools are great and all but they just lack one thing – they don’t give off that much-needed beach vibe. They’re just large basins of water, nothing more and nothing less. If you’re looking for a pool that is close to the real beach then the Sand Pools are a must-have for your backyard. These custom pools are constructed to give you the experience of swimming on a natural beach.

Spanish company Piscinas de Arena NaturSand offer the pools. This luxury pool has a design inspired by natural beaches so it will transform your backyard into a Mediterranean paradise. They have group of technicians and designers working together to build the perfect beach-style pools for any backyard. However, the company is offering its services only in Spain and Portugal. So, if you’re residing in these countries then you’re in luck. In addition to their local clients, the company has also showcased its creations in other parts of the world including the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Dubai, Brazil, Morocco, Bolivia and Chile.


A Spanish company offers to build Sand Pools to transform your backyard into a tropical paradise

tropical beach structure backyard

Unlike regular swimming pools these unique have a coating. The coating is made with sand not with ceramic tiles. Each one is lined with compacted sand that is fully adhered to the concrete support. Its patented sand finish is grainy yet solid to give you the experience of walking on an actual sandy beach. And since it is not made out of loose sand, the surface is long lasting with a soft touch and it will never get hot even in full sun. Furthermore, it features an anti-slip surface whether it’s dry or wet.

sand pools


backyard pool looks like real beach


beach right at your backyard


sand pools look like natural beach

Even if you already have an existing pool, the company can transform it. These beach-style pools feature an entrance beginning with level zero on a soft ramp. So, you won’t need to install ladders or stairs to get in and out of the water. Depending on your available plot and dimensions, you can choose pool designs in various shapes and sizes. You can also have multiple levels of depth.

sand pools natural beach


sand pools made with compacted sand


mediterranean style backyard at night


beachside pool made with compact sand


beach-style backyard pool


sand pools customized design


beach-style pool backyard


sand pools backyard


custom pool looks like natural beach


luxury custom pools beach-style


Learn more about the pools on the video below


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Source: Piscinas de Arena NaturSand