This Cheap Dr Pepper Mini Fridge Is A Gamer’s Best Friend

Tired of jeopardizing your in-game battle or having your train of thought derailed when you need a drink? Then this new Dr Pepper Mini Fridge will be perfect for you! With this compact cola cooler, you can happily say goodbye to the minor inconvenience of wandering to the kitchen every now and then. This cool mini fridge will keep your soda stash cold and ready for that moment when you just need a fizzy fix to keep you going!

We’re sure you’ve experienced the devastating moment when you discover your snack or drink’s been stolen by someone else. One way you can avoid this tragedy is by simply putting your stash in a personal fridge. It won’t just save you from possible moments of disappointment and rage, but also help you maximize your time if you’re too busy to get to the kitchen. And if you happen to be a fan of Dr Pepper, you’ll really want to get this ridiculously affordable fridge!

dr pepper mini fridge


Keep your snacks, drinks, and skincare products cold with this stylish Dr Pepper Mini Fridge

The mini fridge looks very much like a super-sized and sleeker version of the soda can. It comes in a stylish, retro-inspired design and is coated in Dr Pepper’s signature burgundy. The mini fridge is accentuated by the brand’s logo emblazoned at the front and its shiny silver handle and hinges. A see-through window is also present, to help you monitor your soda supply without constantly opening the door.

According to the official description, the mini fridge can keep up to 6 cans of soda. You can also use it to keep snacks and skin care products cold as it cools down from 27 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t have to worry about any distracting noise from this mini fridge either! It’s designed to work silently without noise or vibrations. So whether you use it at home or at your workplace, this portable fridge won’t disrupt the rhythm of your daily life.

dr pepper mini fridge front


6 cans stacked inside the mini fridge


You can carry this fridge anywhere using its top handle

hidden top handle of the dr pepper mini fridge


The Dr Pepper Fridge is convenient and portable

Another thing we love about the mini fridge is its portability. You bring it along on road trips because it comes with a 12-volt adapter alongside its standard outlet. You won’t have to shell out extra for marked up ice cold drinks at rest stops anymore! This awesomely convenient mini appliance is available at Walmart for only $29. You’ll have act fast though, because there’s only a few left! There are also other soda-branded mini fridges available… so if Mountain Dew is more your style, then you’re in luck!

back of the dr pepper mini fridge

Source: Walmart