New Brookie-O Oreo Cookies Have A Triple Layer Of Filling Including Brownie And Cookie Dough

Since we’ve all been stuck at home for the majority of the year, snack brands have probably seen a rather big spike in our consumption. This challenge is one that Nabisco obviously did not back down from. In fact, you could probably say that Nabisco’s been working real hard to keep our sweet tooth happy this year with all the tasty Oreo cookies they’ve been releasing! Back in September, we got a first glimpse of the chocolatey goodies Nabisco has in store for the upcoming year. And now, Nabisco is keeping the momentum going by announcing that they’ve got another drool-worthy cookie offering to look forward to: Brookie-O Oreo cookies!

If you’re wondering what a brookie is, then you’ve been missing out on something truly delicious big time. But thankfully, you can finally make up for all the lost snacking time because Nabisco will be offering Brookie-O cookies soon. A brookie is basically what you get when you combine the decadent goodness of brownies and chocolate chip cookies together in one delicious treat. In other words, it’s the ultimate treat for those who can never really choose between brownies and chocolate chip cookies! But that’s not the only good stuff you can expect from Nabisco’s upcoming Brookie-O cookies!


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2021 is off to sweet start as Brookie-O Oreo cookies are set to hit shelves in January

Instead of simply comprising of two delicious treats, the Brookie-O Oreo cookies will feature three. And of course, the third element of this treat is no big secret, as it is an Oreo offering. The classic chocolate cookies hold together a triple-layered crème that comprises of brownie, original crème and cookie dough. So basically, it’s kind of the the Oreo Most Stuf but with three different crèmes. It hasn’t hit shelves yet but we’re already crowning it as Nabisco’s finest creation yet!

And while we still have some days to wait before we can get hold of the Brookie-O offering, Instagram account @junkfoodleaks_ has already sampled the dreamy treat. In their post, the Carb Cadet wrote that while this treat’s definitely been long overdue, it truly delivers. “This powerful cookie packs a punch of a number of flavors in one, and it’s really something special,” they wrote. “Quite honestly, it might be one of the most balanced flavor profiles in a mashup like this – and that says a lot.”


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Well, that does it. We officially cannot wait for the Brookie-Os to drop! Luckily, they’ll be easy to find when they do hit shelves. And the good news is that they’ll be available everywhere, according to a PR rep. It’s also important to note that this triple crème layered offering will only be available for a limited time. So grab as many as you can as soon as you have the chance!