This Snorkel Stabilization System Keeps You Afloat While Helping To Prevent Water Going Into The Snorkel

Float in water effortlessly and enjoy snorkeling to the fullest with this snorkel stabilization system. You’ve got all the essentials for a leisure snorkeling – snorkels, masks, and fins. Now you might think snorkeling is as easy as simply diving into the water, staying afloat on the water’s surface, and relishing in panoramic underwater views from above. But then you realize that staying afloat actually takes a lot of effort. You’ll have to constantly move your hands and feet to make ‘flipper movements’ to create a force that pushes you to the water surface. Furthermore, you’ll need to constantly take deep breaths in order to have air in your lungs, or else you’ll most likely sink.

Needless to say, staying afloat in the water can cause fatigue as you need to constantly paddle or tread water. If you easily get tired of keeping yourself afloat in water then this snorkel stabilization system will help you out. It consists of a buoy vest, breathing tube, and goggles. Its patented buoy vest can be easily secured around the waist by hook and loop fasteners. The buoy provides the natural buoyancy you’ll need to keep you on the surface of the water. So, less effort will be required on your part. Hence, it allows you to snorkel longer effortlessly and safely.


Snorkel Stabilization System

snorkel stabilization system

The buoy vest has an integrated slot that holds the waterproof breathing tube and to make sure that the tube remains above water. It features an appealing neon orange color that will make you more noticeable in the water. The included googles are made from shatterproof tempered glass with anti-fog property. It comes with an adjustable buckle strap to fit any head size.

bouy vest snorkeling


snorkel stabilization system buoyancy aid


snorkeling buoyancy aid


snorkeling buoyancy aid vest tube googles


snorkel stabilization system effortless floating

With this snorkel stabilization system, you can float effortlessly without the hassle of having to hold inflatable noodles or foam boards. Simply wear the buoy around your waist, put on the googles and the snorkel tube, and begin to discover the incredible underwater world. It’s snorkeling made easier and more pleasurable for those who love to explore the underwater.

bouy vest snorkeling buoyancy


snorkeling buoyancy aid set


snorkel stabilization system buoy


snorkel stabilization system set


snorkeling buoyancy aid vest


Check out the snorkeler’s buoyancy aid in action on the video below

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer