Relax On The Water In Style With This Giant Cabana Float

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to scour the internet for some amazing pool floats and loungers! And if you’re on the lookout for something that will allow you to enjoy endless fun in the water with maximum comfort, then look no further than this giant cabana float!

Made of ultrasoft yet durable vinyl, the Funboy Dayclub doubles as a patio that you can bring directly to the water. It comes with four cupholders as well as a central storage area which also functions as a cooler compartment. All these allow you to keep your drinks cold and your pool essentials within reach as you bask in the sun. Well, this only means more fun under the sun since you have almost everything you need at hand.

funboy inflatable pool and beach lounger


funboy inflatable lounger


This giant cabana float features a spacious lounge area, a central cooler compartment, a removable sunshade and two mesh footbaths for the ultimate pool lounging experience!

funboy giant cabana float built in cooler


funboy giant cabana float built in footbath

This massive inflatable also features four built-in headrests and two mesh footbaths for the ultimate pool lounging experience. On top of that, it also comes with a removable sunshade, offering optimal protection against the sun’s harmful rays. There are also two entry pads that serve as spots for drying off before boarding the inflatable cabana. At the same time, they also serve as additional lounge areas for two more people.

funboy inflatable lounger removable sunshade


funboy giant cabana dayclub float     Overall, this floating cabana measures nearly 11 feet long, eight feet wide and over five feet high. It boasts a spacious lounge area that can accommodate up to six adults with a weight limit of 800 pounds. Despite its immense size, it’s still relatively lightweight at only 63 pounds. It inflates within just three minutes using an electric pump. Docking and towing is also a breeze, as it features four tether points with grab ropes.

funboy giant cabana float


funboy inflatable dayclub

For every purchase, you’ll also get a repair kit that includes a patch for covering up minimal punctures. Unfortunately, the set doesn’t include an electric pump. So, you’ll have to purchase one separately in case you still don’t have one at home. Other than that, we honestly couldn’t think of any more downsides to this amazing cabana float.

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