‘Santa’s Flask’ Is A Stocking Booze Dispenser That Helps Keep Your Glass Topped Up Through The Day

A bottle of wine or booze can instantly liven up any party. This holiday season you can be merry and festive with the Christmas stocking wine dispenser. Even Santa Claus himself wouldn’t resist getting himself a glass or two! This unique wine dispenser is just like a gift that keeps on giving, regardless of whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

Dubbed as Santa’s Flask, this stocking-shaped party flask comes in a festive color combination of red and white. It features a lightweight BPA-free plastic body, complete with an easy-to-fill wide mouth and a drip-free spout. What’s more, is that it can hold up to 2.25 liters of your favorite beverage. In case that is wine, then we’re talking about approximately three bottles of it.


Christmas Stocking Wine Dispenser



Christmas Stocking Wine Dispenser Packaging


Christmas Stocking Wine Dispenser Parts


Nonetheless, if you’re hosting a kid-friendly party, then you can just fill it up with juice or soda. You could even make Christmas cocktails or mocktails. But do make sure you host another party that’s strictly for adults because that’s where all the fun stuff happens. Most grown-ups you know would probably think they’re way past the Christmas stocking excitement. But this stocking filled with wine will certainly prove them wrong.


The Ultimate Christmas Stocking for Adults

Two Santa's Flasks Hanging by the Fireplace


Since it’s made of food-grade plastic, cleaning this party flask is also a breeze. Simply wash it with warm water and soap. That said, it’s perfectly reusable—you can even use it all year round. After all, it’s always nice to cap off each day with a boozy treat. Just bear in mind to drink responsibly.


Santa's Flask Used to Fill up Shot Glasses

No matter what the occasion is, this stocking wine dispenser will surely pump up any party. Besides, it also makes the perfect gift to all your booze-loving family and friends. If you’re feeling a bit more generous than usual, then, by all means, fill it up with their favorite booze. Christmas is the season of giving, after all. What better way to make your loved ones feel its spirit than with a sparkly, boozy drink?

wine dispenser


One satisfied customer wrote:

“This will be a “secret Santa” gift for an annual Christmas party with many wine aficionados. I anticipate whomever gets this as his gift will be the envy of everyone else.”



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Get yours here before Santa decides to bag them all!