‘Fridaballs’ Underwear Is Specifically Designed To Help Protect Dads From Getting Kicked In The Nuts

Listen up, dads! Protect your cojonés from your kids’ kicks by wearing the Fridaballs. Receiving low blows is a natural part of being a dad. The baby carrier swinging heels, frequent head butts, the good ‘ole Sunday morning bed jumps, and the super eager welcome home. Dads really know the struggle of fatherhood. Inevitably, and regularly, their gonads are subjected to these painful ordeals. To be honest, just thinking about trauma to the area is enough to make you hunch over. So, how can they protect their balls from the low blows and the excruciating pain?

fridaballs protective underwear

Not only does a kick in the nuts hurt like heck. But, frequent trauma can cause testicular injuries which can adversely affect fertility. Luckily for dads, one company understands this predicament and created an underwear that can protect their nether regions. Introducing Fridaballs, a boxer brief with a reinforced protective pouch that protects the balls from their kids’ kicks. Hence, it minimizes the impact of the force while protecting their lineage as well.

fridababy fridaballs

The removable foam cup reduces the blow from surprise head butts and unintentional heel bonks. Apart from its protective feature, Fridaballs also uses breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to keep it fresh down there. The fabric is stretchy as well in order to provide optimum comfort and to give the wearer freedom to move. It also has a non-slip waistband that secures it in place even as they chase after their kids.

fridaballs removable foam cup

Get Fridaballs here and choose your preferred size – small, medium, large, and x-large. Refer to the waist size chart provided below to determine your size. Customer feedback is evenly split with some buyers claiming it doesn’t entirely shield the nether region from brute impacts and others saying it definitely helps. But let us remind you that the foam cup in no way acts as metal armor for the nuts. It can only minimize the impact so the wearer feels less pain. On the other hand, some customers find it to be a hilarious gag gift for the men of their lives.

fridaballs waist size chart


boxer brief with reinforced protective pouch


underwear with reinforced protective pouch

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