Funny Memes That Perfectly Depict Relationship Struggles

Every couple can certainly relate to these hilarious depictions of relationship struggles. There are always ups and downs in a relationship so don’t expect it to be always smooth sailing. Conflicts of interest, suspicions of cheating, lack of attention, are some of the issues most couples are facing. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship so expect to encounter some problems along the way. But these hurdles are what make a relationship stronger. In the end, love will prevail against all odds and you’ll just laugh everything off. Here is our collection of funny memes that illustrate relationship struggles that any couple can relate to.



It’s better to tell a lie than to break her heart with the truth, right?

That inexplicable excitement you feel when you’re about to talk about the man you adore the most.

A couple who eats together, stays happy forever. If I don’t eat, you don’t eat. It’s a rule for a happy life.

When your man smoothly handled your mood swing for a week, time to give him some sweet reward.

When every time you see your man, you just can’t help but sing, “You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off of you.”

The threatening glare you give him when you’re watching TV together and some female nudity appears on screen.

This timeline of a married couple is so spot on, except for one thing. Who sits on the toilet naked?

Hilarious photos showing the daily life of couples



The “inner me” in every girl is every man’s greatest adversary. When the “inner me” prevails in a girl, you know that the man is doomed.

How would you know if a man truly loves you? If he takes care of on your worst time, then he’s a keeper. If he cleans after your mess after you’ve thrown up everywhere for being too drunk, then he truly loves you.

See, the world can revolve around me if I want to!

When you keep throwing hints but your man can’t get a single clue. You try to tag every engagement photo you see and observe if he finally takes notice of your intention.

When a girl says something, always assume that she means the opposite. So when she says she’s happy, she’s actually sad. And when she says she’s not mad, she’s actually mad.

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But the same also applies to women.

When you leave your phone for a minute and you came back, seeing your girl looking like this. You already know trouble is brewing.

Every girl has a hacker mode that can be activated every time they smell something fishy. So if you’re hiding some dark secrets, you better make sure they are tightly secured.