You Can Now Get Your Dog A Camping Trailer Bed So They Can Pretend They’re Living Life On The Open Road

For some people, a life on wheels is the ideal life. Our dogs can now experience the RV lifestyle with these camping trailer dog beds. Well, sort of. Although these canine campers have a set of wheels like a real camper trailer, they are not intended to be hauled on the road. It may look like a mini version of the real thing but this is essentially just a dog bed.

These beds can be used either indoors or outdoors. Since it has wheels, you can easily drag it around and place it on your preferred spot. Each canine camper is handmade from cedar wood, exterior plywood and stainless steel. It features a stripe-painted exterior reminiscent of vintage retro camper trailers that were popular in the 60s. Plus, it comes in three different sizes with corresponding colors. The small camper comes in orange/white stripes, the medium size comes in yellow/white stripes while the large camper features blue/white stripes.

canine camper small

The beds feature a large door at the side to allow easy access for your pooch. Each camper has a small window on each side, except the back, to allow proper ventilation inside. It includes two stainless steel food and water bowls on its elevated porch which is protected by an extended area of the roof. For additional ‘cute’ factor, the front window also has a window box to complete the elegant exterior design.


These camping trailer dog beds are designed to resemble vintage campers

canine campers sizes


canine camper small front

Now we can see inside the trailer. The cushioned floor provides a comfortable bed for your doggo with ample space to place some pillows, a blanket and toys. The cushion area for the small size camper measures 18 x 24 inches, medium measures 24 x 36 inches and the large measures 32 x 48 inches. It also features personalized artwork inside the cabin to make it feel extra homie for your precious dog. Additionally, it includes a set of handmade curtains for the windows.

camping trailer dog bed


camping trailer dog bed small


canine camper details

That’s not all. The trailer has battery-operated LED lighting on the roof that you can turn on and off through the switch at the back of the camper. You can find it in the secret compartment concealed by a bone-shaped bumper held in place by magnets. Simply detach the bone-shaped cover to access the secret compartment. Furthermore, you can personalize the bumper by having your dog’s name written on it.

camping trailer dog bed back


camping trailer dog bed secret compartment

Don’t think we’re done here. The dog bed also includes free the Presence app that allows you to transform your old smartphones into a Wi-Fi security camera. With the app, you can access features such as 2-way audio/video, sound recording, video streaming, multiple simultaneous viewing and flashlight control for night viewing. So you can check how your pooch is doing inside its comfy abode anytime you wish.

camping trailer dog bed indoor

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