Women with Facial Hair Reveal The Daily Struggles They Face

Facial hair is something normal to men. But what if women have it too? There are many women with facial hair who are in a constant fight against everything from having a mustache to beards.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a walk in the park. These 20 women with facial hair reveal the everyday struggles they face.

You just wanna look good.

What would people say if they find out about your secret?

You’ve got to practice self-love.


People fail to realize that comments can leave a scar forever.

It’s a condition.

The struggle is real.

Wanting to look good for your husband is never a bad thing.

Your confidence level takes a hit.

A life of a woman with facial hair is tough.

Girls with Hair on their face

It’s a daily struggle.

Not a fear you often hear about.

Insecurities can swallow our self-confidence.

What a horrible feeling!

You don’t have any obligation to please anyone but yourself.

When puberty goes awry…

It can take a toll on your dating life.

The endless fear of people staring at you.