14 Thought-Provoking Final Celebrity Tweets


A person's last words are often thought-provoking. With social media nowadays it is easier than ever to access the thoughts of others and also to convey our own. These 14 celebrities all took to Twitter to express their feelings shortly before their passing. Some of the Tweets are positive and filled with happiness, whereas in others you can really tell the writer was in a very dark and lonely place! Take a look and spare a few moments to remember these remarkable people!


amy winehouse
Twitter / Biography


leonard nimoy


john pinette
Twitter / WashingtonPost/LucasJackson/Reuters


mindy mccready
Twitter / DailyNews



reeva steenkamp


cory monteith
Twitter / Twitter / WellGoUSA/IMDb


robin williams
Twitter / Instagram


king capital steez
Twitter / Hypetrak



ryan knight
Twitter / USWeekly/PaulZimmerman/WireImage


peaches geldof
Twitter/itv / Twitter/thestar


stephanie mosely



tom clancy
Twitter / flickr/BurnsLibrary,BostonCollege


maya angelou
Twitter / GettyImages/AcademyofAchievement


paul walker
Twitter / Facebook

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