This Awesome Sleeping Bag Will Turn You Into A Snoozing Bear


Okay, let's start with a disclaimer: we're a little bit obsessed with bears. So, to us, this is just about the best thing ever, and we're not sure we can be unbiased! But, surely there's nobody out there who wouldn't think this was awesome, anyway! Japanese artist and designer, Eiko Ishizawa has created this amazing plush sleeping bag that looks like a realistic bear. The inspiration behind creating this was the sad story of a bear in Bavaria who had crossed the border from the Italian alps and ultimately had to be hunted, as residents of the area feared for their safety. In homage to this poor 'problem bear' Eiko created this gorgeous sleeping bag. And we think it's a lovely tribute. We can't imagine anything more pleasant than curling up and transforming into a sleepy bear in this gorgeous sleeping bag! Check it out!
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