Staircase Corner Shelf

How do you spruce up an empty wall? This unique staircase corner shelf will accentuate the corner of your wall. The corner, which is often the most neglected part of any wall, can now become the focal point for your home interior. And that’s because this fascinating piece of décor is guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention. Designed to look like a flight of stairs, this statement piece is both visually appealing and functional.

This staircase corner shelf is made from durable metal and beautifully grained acacia wood. It consists of two side shelves in the form of staircases which are connected perpendicularly. So, it fits right onto the inside corner of a wall. All that’s left for you to do is to mount the piece into the wall corner by using the mounting hardware included. Once installed, you can use the steps to hold small planters, photo frames, books, collectibles, and other decorative items.


Staircase Corner Shelf

staircase corner shelf

The left side shelf measures 22.5 inches long while the right side shelf measures 18 inches long. It can take up to 12 pounds of weight spread out to each shelf.  Its unique design makes a great conversation piece that will take decorative storage to the next level. This stylish staircase corner shelf can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

stair-shaped wall mounted shelves


“It fits my corner like a glove. I love this stairway, I would use more if I had the room.”, one buyer wrote. “It looks great installed. We chose to display small pictures of family members in various shape/colored frames.”, another buyer wrote.

staircase corner shelf decorative storage

Source: Uncommon Goods