This Giant Chocolate Heart Comes With A Mini Mallet To Smash It To Bits

Valentine’s Day is all about love. If, by some unfortunate chance, you find yourself on the opposite end of the romantic spectrum this year, don’t despair. Walmart’s got a giant chocolate heart that you can smash to pieces! It’s basically a Valentine’s Day piñata for the salty, ghosted and downright devastated. I don’t know about you but I think I’d rather spend Valentine’s Day smashing through chocolate than eating a half gallon of ice cream while sobbing about why so-and-so just stopped texting even though you were sure they were the one.

In this day and age, special Valentine’s Day chocolates aren’t just for the ones with valentines. There’s no room for crying and moping about being single these days, honey. It’s all about being a strong, independent woman who won’t compromise for anyone less. And let’s face it: dating nowadays has become more complicated than it used to be. So just take out your frustrations on Sam’s Choice Heartbreaker. It’s deliciously fun way to celebrate your independence!

chocolate hearts


This giant chocolate heart comes with a wooden mallet for you to smash it with

Some say that love is just an illusion. But we can assure you that this heart is not. This 14oz (397g) treat features a layer of milk chocolate topped with Valentine’s-themed confetti. It’s got pink and purple hearts, red and white stick confetti and white polka dots, which totally gives it that festive Valentine’s vibe. Instagram food blog @junkfoodonthego spotted the heart on shelves on January 10th.


Walmart hasn’t given out much information about the treat, so we’re guessing they really want to surprise us with what it’s got inside. This heart contains up to 14 servings. Each serving contains around 140 calories, which shouldn’t worry you too much, because calories don’t exist during Valentine’s Day. It’s available at Walmart for $11.98 online and in-store. If only this was the only kind of heart that got broken right?


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