Inventions That You Will Think Are Either Genius Or Garbage

We all have debates with people over our opinions on products and services. Some people love Apple whereas others are die hard Samsung supporters. One person’s idea of an amazing gadget could be another’s person’s idea of utter rubbish. This is only natural! Today we present you with a list of inventions that only you can decide whether they are genius or garbage. Take a look and make your judgements! 

An egg cracker, for those who struggle to break their eggs. 

Because underpants never let you down… 

The must have invention for when you are sick. 

This hat gadget enables you to have an iPhone cinema for one…

Knitted monitor shield… an easy way of securing your privacy!

This like-a-hug vest inflates when someone gives you a like on Facebook, replicating the feeling of a hug. 

Keep your pet pampered and entertained without lifting a finger. 

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Flavored toothpaste to make teeth brushing way more tasty… 

Struggle to pour heavy jugs? This ‘Roll N Pour’ creation could help! 

Now you can receive tweets from your dog…

Whoever thought of this weird idea for a children’s toy has issues! 

Are these the new must have item for every handbag? We’re not so sure. 

The ideal gag gift… a pet rock that does absolutely nothing. 

If your pet likes to experiment with their look, an animal wig could be right up your street.